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Premier Wine Blends and Grayson College Viticulture & Enology Program Team Up to Offer Internship

Austin, Texas – Premier Wine Blends proudly announces they will be working with Grayson College in Denison, Texas to offer an Internship Program for students working on a degree or certification in Viticulture and Enology.

The Texas wine industry is burgeoning with over 270 wineries, on more than 4400 acres, making over 3 million gallons of wine in 2012, creating many opportunities to be a part of the future. Whether you are a student on your way to becoming a winemaker or you’re a new winery owner, an exceptional viticulture and enology education can be found through Grayson College’s TV Munson Viticulture and Enology Center. Justin Scheiner, Director of the Viticulture and Enology program says “Hands-on grape growing and winemaking is the only way to truly learn the art and science of viticulture and enology.”

Bill Skrapits, owner of Premier Wine Blends, has been a guest lecturer for several classes at Grayson College over the years and has had the privilege of working with not only Justin and their other top-ranked staff, but many Texas wine pioneers and leaders as well. In class he brings over 20 years of experience in growing quality grapes, winemaking, and entrepreneurship to the students. Bill says “There’s always something new, something to learn. I love working with people who are passionate about wine because I know everyone, including myself, will learn something new and that is what this program is about.”

The internship is a great opportunity for those looking to get hands-on experience with commercial winemakers, viticulturists, grape growers and winery owners while earning credit. Justin and Bill anticipate the Internship Program to be fruitful for everyone. Premier Wine Blends extends an invitation to other universities, colleges and extension programs in viticulture and enology to partner in establishing your accredited internship program too.

About Premier Wine Blends: Premier Wine Blends is owned by Bill Skrapits, medaled winemaker and winery management consultant in Austin, Texas. Premier Wine Blends helps winery owners and winemakers make their dreams a reality. They work with young and established wineries in solving problems creatively and cost-effectively, allowing product quality, customer experience and the business mission to lead the way. For More Information: or Twitter: @wineblends and LinkedIn:

About Grayson College of Viticulture & Enology: Grayson College’s Viticulture & Enology Program is one of the few degreed grape growing and winemaking programs in the country, offering three degree options in viticulture and enology. History plays an important role in the Viticulture & Enology program at Grayson College. The program was introduced in 1974, but the foundation from which the program has emerged was laid in 1876 when Thomas Volney Munson arrived in Denison, Texas, to begin a career in grape research which was to last a lifetime. Today, Grayson College is home to the TV Munson Memorial Vineyard and the TV Munson Center with instructional winery and extensive wine laboratory.

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