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Craftsmen in creating custom blends.  We work with you to formulate harmonious, high quality wines.

Part art, part science, winemaking is, no doubt, an artisan craft.  It can be complex and no two winemakers will make the same wine given the same grapes.  The winemaker can create a complex wine with subtle overtones or make one that is bold and powerful.  If given a harvest of high quality grapes, a good winemaker can always make premium wine.

However, this perfect scenario rarely comes around, especially in the Other 46.  More often than not, your vineyard is faced with drought, freezes, disease, pests, hail or a number of other difficulties that challenge you in making quality, marketable wine consistently and of your desired volume year after year.

A few challenges you may be facing:

  • You are limited to only a few grape varieties, one winery location and a few styles of wine –   limiting the possible blends you can make.
  • You are just starting out, and you may not know what kind of wines your customers want.
  • Harvests don’t always yield what you expect and you must use what grew.
  • Your experience is limited in making different wine styles using different grapes
  • What was harvested doesn’t match your customer’s palate.
  • You lose customers because you can’t produce a quality wine consistently and now they don’t know what to expect.
  • All of this is leading to financial problems when you’re not reaching your targets and goals.
  • Frustration, exhaustion and empty pockets are wearing you down.

Whatever the problems are, they can be solved!

  • You can make the kinds of wines you want to make AND the ones your customers want.
  • Your winery can be successful.
  • You can keep customers for years because they love your wine & winery.
  • Your customers become a fun, lively community who you love.
  • You get to live the good life!

From the beginning, we work with you to understand your customers’ profiles, the wine styles you make, your fit in the marketplace, and your vision for the future.  We work with you to choose the best varieties of the season, developing and tailoring premium quality wine blends at an exceptional value.

You opened your winery with dreams of prosperity, fun and great wine. And, you CAN have it all!

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