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Viticulture & Enology Internships

Viticulture & Enology Internships

Premier Wine Blends recently announced Internship opportunities through Grayson College’s TV Munson Viticulture and Enology Center in Denison, Texas.  “Hands-on grape growing and winemaking is the only way to truly learn the art and science of viticulture and enology.” – Justin Shreiner, Director, Grayson’s Viticulture and Enology Program.

Learn and Earn Credit.

This is a unique opportunity for someone interested in learning more about the industry or working on certification (credit may be earned during the internship). The internship can be tailored in both duration, intensity, and location. If you are not in Texas, we often work with wineries in other states; more than likely, we can help you find a location that works well for you. Harvest is almost here and getting hands-on experience with commercial winemakers, viticulturists, grape growers and winery owners is a great opportunity for young winemakers, future winery owners and horticulture, viticulture and enology students.  An internship like this will put you ahead of other students at graduation and create new networks for you in the industry that may prove to be invaluable. For more information about the internship and to submit an inquiry: Salut!

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