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A large network of wineries & vineyards. We will locate the wine or grapes that match your style and image of your winery.

We know it can be hard finding premium bulk wine sources you can trust. Whether it’s happened to you or someone else, you know a tank of wine can be ruined by contamination, hot temperatures, oxidization, microbiological activity, or by old residual wine left in the tank.

Premier Wine Blends has its finger on the pulse of high quality bulk wine available at any given time in Texas, California, the South and Mid-West.  Over many years, we have developed relationships with an extensive portfolio of wineries of the highest integrity.  We test all of the wines prior to purchase and upon receipt, insuring the wine matches the already agreed upon samples.

Sourcing that “just right” wine:

  • Analysis:  Assist you with defining the parameters of the wine you need, fitting it to your consumer profile and personalized style.
  • Your Eyes & Ears:  Inform you of which wines are available in the market from premium varietals to best value, highest quality.
  • Door-to-Door Service:  Establish specific requirements, secure competitive prices, acquire all necessary permits, and handle all logistics and shipping.

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