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Bill Skrapits

Bill Skrapits

Owner and Head Winemaker

Bill’s roots in wine go back to his grandparents who had a vineyard and made wine in Hungary.  Living in Germany, France and Spain, Bill began his love affair with wine and came to know it as a part of life.  Wine was not saved for special occasions, but was something that you shared with friends and family amidst love and laughter.

He began making his own wine 20 years ago and since 2002, he’s marketed and lobbied for the growing Texas wine industry; publishing numerous articles and winning international awards for his wine.  He’s worked with many Texas wineries at every stage of production and studied under several respected wine masters and leaders in the industry. He started Premier Wine Blends in 2009 as a way to share his passion for wine with other winemakers and be the “go to” resource for the growing needs of vineyards and small wineries, from premium bulk wine, grape sourcing and consulting.


Member of Wine Society of Texas (previous President), Texas Winemakers Guild, Texas Wine & Grape Growers Assn., Founder of the Central Texas Winemakers Guild; Founder of Blackrock Vineyard Assn., a coop vineyard created for prospective owners to learn in the ropes of running a vineyard and the hands on commercialization of grapes prior to owning their own.

Formal education related to biology, chemistry, viniculture and enology includes courses and certifications from University of California at Davis, University of Illinois at Shawnee Community College, TV Munson Center for Viticulture at Grayson County College and Texas A & M.

Publications:  Small Winery Magazine, quoted in Texas Monthly quotes, and interviewed by Esquire.

Our Dream Team

The way we make Premier Wine Blends be the best go-to source for quality bulk wine and masterful wine blending is to surround ourselves with the most informed, educated and respected winemakers in our state and in the industry.

Every avenue of the business is represented here from wineries to production facilities.  Our winemakers’ experience and knowledge has breadth and depth.  Several are the founders of the Texas wine industry – the ones who actually put Texas wine on the map!  From professors, lab analysts, facility winemakers, and master winemakers to those educated in Montpellier, each has won gold or double gold national and international competitions.  We work with some of the best winemakers in our state, or anywhere for that matter!

When it comes to those knowledgeable about the grape, again we collaborate with some of the finest in the southwest.  We are proud to have developed very fruitful relationships with those that started growing grapes in the 1970’s and others who are now on the cutting edge of grape production, testing, analysis, sanitation, and barrel management.

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